Arabian Horses: Son of the Sheik

24 Sep

Anyone who is a silent film buff would likely know the move “Son of the Sheik”. Its was filmed in 1926 starring Rudolph Valentino. Arabians are very beautiful horses and photograph well,which is apparent in such movies as,The Black Stallion who showcased the stallion Cass Ole,The Young Black Stallion which actually required the use of forty stallions during filming and the famous Hidalgo that was in the 1959 epic of “Ben Hur”.You don’t need to be a horse expert to distinguish the Arabian horse from other breeds. Their unique head shape, high tail, and overall elegance are easy to spot.

It appears that even 4500 years ago, horses similar to modern Arabian horses existed. From the Middle East, Arabian horses soon spread around the world because of both war and trade. They were especially sought after by breeders who wanted to improve the speed, refinement, endurance, and bone structure of their horses. Arabian horses have been bred into nearly every major breed of riding horse throughout the world.

In the deserts of the Middle East, the Bedouin nomads kept their Arabian horses in their tents. The horses were given shelter from the heat because they were valued so highly. Arabian horses, having had this positive relationship with humans, became gentle, good-natured and anxious to please.

The distinctive shape of the Arabian horse’s head is valued by horse lovers, but there is also a practical reason for the slight forehead bulge between their eyes, called the “jibbah” that adds an additional sinus capacity. It has been thought that the Arabian horse flourished in its native, barren desert climate because of it.

The Golden Facts of American Quarterhorse

23 Sep

There is a valid reason why the American Quarter Horse occasionally is referred to as “the world’s fastest athlete”. The Horse gets its name from the ability to outrun almost every other horse in short distances of a quarter-mile or less. The American Horse has been clocked at 55 miles per hour.

In America, the most popular breed of horse is the American Horse. While the American Horse is often recognized as a show or race horse, the truth is that it is most often found working on ranches across the country. The horse is ideally suited to reining and cutting of a cow horse, thanks to its compact body and ability to perform instigate and reflexive maneuvers. This cowboy is man of many events when it comes to the rodeo including calf roping and barrel racing.

What is known today as the American Horse actually began to evolve during the 1600’s. This was when early colonists took horses imported from England and cross-bred them with horses that were more native to what would one day become America.  Though the term “native” is actually erroneous as the horses in question were actually Chickasaw, a breed brought over from Spain by the Conquistadors. These “native” horses were actually developed from Iberian, Arabian and Barb stock!

Then during the 1800s, when the American West was being settled, the pioneers needed a strong horse that was willing to work. The American Horse was exactly what we were looking for.  During the old west settlement era, domestic Horses and Mustangs were bred together by the indians. The end result was a horse born with what one might call a “cow sense”, meaning that he had a natural instinct when it came to working cattle.

5 Legendary Gambling Books You Can’t Afford To Miss.

22 Sep man sit on dice

I’ve recently done some research on how to keep on improving  my knowledge on gambling experience. I’ve came across an article by the Wall Street Journal‘s write Mr Mazur, which is a professor emeritus of mathematics at Marlboro College.

In his article of recommendations, he mentioned 5 specific books that every gamblers should read if one is to be a successful professional gambler. I’ve got the links and the reviews of the books here and some of the books are still available at Amazon.

This article will be slightly longer than usual but you don’t have to read everything. Just skip to the book that caught your attention although you might wanna go through it if you have the time. Are you ready?

*drums roll*

  • The Compleat Gamester

The Compleat GamesterBy Charles Cotton1674

Comments by WSJ:

When “The Compleat Gamester” was published, gamblers were only just beginning to realize that mathematics could be useful to predict the behaviors of chance—it would be a few more decades before the first serious mathematical theory of probability appeared in print. Gambling was not yet a business that could provide professionals with a guaranteed advantage. So this guide, by the English poet Charles Cotton, gives us a picture of gambling at a time when there were more tips on cheating than on odds, because the whole idea of chance was considered a matter of providence. Cotton advocates for gaming while cautioning gamesters to beware of cheaters’ ruses, in particular “when the company grows thin and your eyes dim with watching, false dice.” This is the place to learn of the card games, such as picket, basset and hazard, that we read about in 19th-century English novels. In 1970, the Imprint Society issued an edition of “The Compleat Gamester” that preserved the charm of the book’s antique spelling.

Comments by VGT:

There’s no user review on Amazon. A new book costs a whooping $276.72 and used books costs only $25. I’m not particularly sure on how applicable on books written so long ago would still be practical but i reckon that  if it still existed today, I believe there’s a worth value for the book.

Below is a link to the book in Amazon.

The Compleat Gamester: Or Instructions How to Play at All Manner of Usual and Most Genteel Games

  • Scarne’s Complete Guide to Gambling

Scarne's Complete Guide to Gambling

By John Scarne, Published by Simon & Schuster, 1961

Comments by WSJ:

Most of the countless gambling books published each year are “how to” guides that don’t improve on this one by John Scarne (pronounced Scarney), who until his death in 1985 was considered by many of his peers the world’s foremost gambling authority and the greatest card magician of his time. The book is an encyclopedic discussion of almost every aspect of gambling—its history, rules and winning strategies, a bit of gambling mathematics, and even methods of cheating. There are also plenty of beguiling anecdotes, like the one about the time gangsters Bugsy Siegel and Willie Moretti bet $5,000 on which fly would land on which of two sugar cubes.

Comments by VGT:

There’s no user review on this book. This book is relatively affordable which used books are from $0.01 and collectibles version available at $6.99. Since this book is super cheap, I might even get one myself and improve my gambling skills.

Below is the product link from Amazon:

Scarne’s Complete Guide to Gambling

  • Roll the Bones


By David G. Schwartz, Gotham, 2006

Comments by WSJ:

With “Roll the Bones,” David Schwartz, the director of the Center for Gaming Research at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas, produced more than just a history of gambling. It is an account of how gambling has affected society ever since our primordial ancestors had to decide whether it was safe to leave the cave when the gambling edge lay with the hungry tigers lurking outside. Gauging risk was a survival tool. The book is a bountiful guide to the origins of dice, playing cards, lotteries and other gambling pastimes. It’s filled as well with colorful vignettes of the famous at their gaming—among them Voltaire, outsmarting an 18th-century lottery and winning nine million francs, and Dostoevsky at the German resort in Baden-Baden, going broke at the casino.

Comments by VGT:

This book has an overall good review from Amazon with 6 users gave 5 star review. A new book costs $17.72  while used book costs $5.53. This books gives a good coverage of the history of gambling  and if you like a some history, this book is definitely for you.

Some reviews from satisfied users:

“Rool the Bones” is fun to read because the games that were played in the past are described well and you can almost imagine people still wanting to play them today. Good, informed, entertaining writing here by a genuine historian instead of the usual sort of gambling book written by a journalist. I’m looking forward to checking out David Schwartz’s other books, “Suburban Xanadu” and “Cutting the Wire”.

“This book is incredibly detailed, I can only imagine the work that went into compiling this material. It is more history than entertainment though, so one must be interested in a 500+ page history book in order to complete the reading. That said, it is very informative and I’ve now got plenty of info on the origins of gambling-I can keep the dealers entertained all night long.”

“A book like this could easily be so boring as to guarantee a good night’s sleep. That’s not the case here as Schwartz is a gifted writer who is able to connect and reconcile all of the games across the centuries.

I really enjoyed Roll The Bones and I think that anyone who likes history would too. If you are interested in casino gambling, this book will give you some new insight into how it all hangs together.

I recommend this book to all readers.”

Below is the product link from Amazon:

Roll the Bones: The History of Gambling

  • The Biggest Game in Town


By Al Alvarez, Houghton Mifflin, 1983

Comments by WSJ:

In “The Biggest Game in Town,” Al Alvarez, a distinguished poet, author and literary critic, puts us at the poker tables of Vegas with the high-rolling big guys and also lets us peep at the casino world as if through the wide-angle zoom lenses of the house surveillance cameras. The lens captures mad men willing to bet suitcases of money on single rolls of the dice, addicts who refuse to believe that luck is beyond their control, and losers who never learn. Then there is the gangster who loses all his money at poker, leaves to rob a bank and returns to the game—and then loses his entire heist. The three weeks that Alvarez spent covering the 1981 World Series of Poker for The New Yorker provided him with the material for his remarkable account. For some, Alvarez says, Las Vegas is “a land of milk and honey, and for the rest it is a burial ground.”

Comments by VGT:

13 out of 18 users of this book rate this book 5 stars. This book is all revolves on the foreigner’s insight on Las Vegas and a whole lots of information on poker. One sentence says all, everyone who loves gaming will LOVE this book! A new book costs $10.24 and used book starts from $1.53. A good deal I would say.

Some reviews from

“A classic . . . There is no better book on America’s national pastime.”–James McManus, Author of Positively Fifth Street

“Probably the best book on poker ever written.”–The Evening Standard (UK)

“A magnificent book. Beyond the straights and fullhouses, Alvarez has written a book about people who are extremely good at what they do, and about America.”–San Francisco Chronicle

“[Alvarez] endows the game with all the desperate fun and wry futility of life itself.”–New York magazine

“Conveys an understanding of gamblers and their milieu that can appeal to someone who has never seen a casino or doesn’t care to.”–The Philadelphia Inquirer

“Thoroughly entertaining . . . both perceptive and literate.”–The Washington Post

Quite simply, this is one of the best books I have ever read. My only regret is that it was way too short. Alvarez, simply put, is a great writer. You will not be surprised by his background as a poet after opening it because he writes masterfully. He has a poet’s sense for distilled language no words are wasted and the quotations are carefully selected and sometimes astounding (like Binion’s equating gambling with all that is American). The organization and flow of the work is tremendous and his 188 pages turned like 40. There’s no way you’ll put The Biggest Game in Town once you start it.

Library Journal – A large portion of this 1983 volume initially appeared in The New Yorker as a series of sketches of the cardsharps who annually descend on Las Vegas for the World Series of Poker. The players make for interesting portraits, and Alvarez lets them have their say. Anyone interested in gaming will enjoy this, but others might as well.

Below is the product link from Amazon:

The Biggest Game in Town

  • Lay the Favorite


By Beth Raymer, Spiegel & Grau, 2010

Comments by WSJ:

In this honest yet almost too-crazy-to-be-true memoir, we get a rare glimpse inside the sports-gambling underworld, at the bookies’ harmless “pay and collect” agents (the author spent four years in the job), the hustlers, buffoons, fringe crooks and rogues of the trade. Every addicted gambler has a wish to lose, Beth Raymer says. “And as for the rare professionals who are talented enough to beat the house, rest assured they will go to whatever lengths necessary to surround themselves with people who will lose their money for them.” Young, in need of guidance at the start, Raymer experiments with life and emerges a sports-gambling expert.

Comments by VGT:

I guess the author saved the best for last. If you’re still with me, this is one book that would make a good read. There’s 33 users review and 16 of them gave this book 5 stars. This book was just published this year and it reads more like a novel instead of a memoir. A story about 24-year old Beth Raymer (author) at that time writes her memoir when he reaches Las Vegas and exposed to thugs, hustlers and etc. This book isn’t any much about gambling techniques but rather than the life of a girl who made it big in Las Vegas from nothing. An enjoyable read definitely.

Some reviews from

“Betting on the come in her wickedly funny debut, Beth Raymer’s prose is like a virgin in a sandy bikini festooned with C-notes. From Vegas to Rio, from the boxing ring to the stripper’s pole, she rubs shoulders and other things with the sickest crew of action junkies since Roulettenburg. Her ear for sports bettors’ patois, for the ins and outs of pleasure, self-pleasure, and getting the best of it, makes Lay the Favorite a kaleidoscope of high-test debauchery.” –James McManus, author of Positively Fifth Street

“Strange as hell, wildly affectionate and very, very funny.  It is a world filled with scoundrels, thieves, and gamblers.  It is a world we all recognize, where everyone is looking to somehow come out on top while doing what they love.  The book is wise and has a relish for life that is a treat.” –Stephen Frears

“Beth Raymer possesses one of the most original voices I’ve encountered in years of teaching, reading, and reviewing young writers. And she puts that voice to ideal use in depicting the demimonde of sports gambling, the place where she finds an unlikely but uncanny surrogate family. Lay the Favorite is a coming-of-age saga like no other you’re ever likely to read.” –Samuel G. Freedman, author of Letters to a Young Journalist

Lay the Favorite reads more like a novel than a memoir. The rich characters are drawn in depth, yet simply and honestly.”—Wall Street Journal

“[A] very funny and smart book.”—Robert Siegel, NPR/All Things Considered

“Seduced by her stories, we long for this strange, sleazy and alluring landscape, even as the stakes get higher and Raymer’s search for ‘the best of it’ turns into a worst-case scenario. With a film adaptation in the works, it’s a safe bet that Raymer’s memoir will find a wide audience. In fact, her engaging voice makes her a shoe-in for a sequel. I’m setting the odds at 3 to 1.”—Los Angeles Times

“Raymer’s crackling, hilarious memoir ricochets through the gambling underwold in Las Vegas, and is peopled with all manner of lovable wack-jobs, none of whom is quite as wacky—or lovable—as Raymer herself.”—Marie Claire

“Candid, smart, funny, wild and crazy.”—Elle, Top 10 Summer Books for 2010

“It’s hard not to like the breezy, ingenuous voice of this plucky protagonist who proves she’s game for any kind of new experience.”—Publishers Weekly

Below is the product link from Amazon:

Lay the Favorite: A Memoir of Gambling

Among the 5 books, I would personally be interested in purchasing Lay The Favourite, The Biggest Game in Town and The Compleat Gamester. Looks interesting enough.

Winning Secrets – Gambling With High Rollers Mindset

21 Sep

Gambling is always known as a game of chance. It’s such a lucrative and highly entertaining activity where it’s fun and gains are only understood by those who have access to it. My safe guess of why everybody loves to gamble is because of the fact that it could easily generate them easy money without having to put much effort or waiting period. A 50 dollars bet is a 50 dollars gain, some even win in folds.

The other reason on why people love to gamble is based on the fact that they consider it as a game play itself, a game that gives them the increasing heartbeat of adrenaline rush and satisfaction that they seek. Players such as this will find it as an escape from their usual life which gives them the change of environment.

Who are the gambling people?

When you walk in a typical casino in your local area, you notice people who are seen playing baccarat, craps, blackjack, sic bo, poker, roulette and etc. and you will see that everyone usually come from different walks of life.

Normally, players would put a reasonable bet on something that they feel would be sufficient to provide a good ROI return of their stakes plus a considerable amount of money if they win.

There is also another group of clientage that the casino is always looking forward to serve. These people are known as the high-rollers of the casino who place bets or stakes with large amount of money. These high rollers are those that usually start with at minimum $1000.

The fact where these high rollers exist in the casinos is based on that there are special privileges or even monetary bonuses that are only designated to people who starts gambling with large amounts of money. Often to the contradiction of the casinos will always have an upper hand of winning in these games, more often than not, these high rollers are the usual winners and take the money from other casino patrons.

This is known as the high-rollers mindset.

High-rollers mindset is usually deployed by high-rollers or those who gamble a lot of money. As high rollers, you need to possess a mindset way of thinking that most casino players or gamblers that conceptualized the idea that the higher the bet, the higher the chances of winning and getting bigger amount of money.

High-rollers believe that by placing large amounts of money as their bets, they would be able to get the special privileges and bonuses offered by the casino. Plus, they can even have more benefits that are only entitled to the high rollers if they win the game.

Having a high-roller mindset is not at all wrong, especially if a person has a lot of money to bet. The only drawback is that it tends to let a person gamble a lot of money just for the thought that he or she might win.

The bottom line: high rollers who gamble more have higher chances of losing more. After all, it’s still gambling where you can never be sure if you will win or not.

How To Win Black Jack: The Secret Formula

20 Sep

Everyone plays to win, especially when you’re stepping inside a casino. The most simple table game at the casino is probably the Blackjack. If you do not know how to play the game, you can almost never be wrong by start learning the basics.

In the game of playing Blackjack, the secret lies in the feature that there are four times as many cards that have a values of 10s (10, J, Q and K) compared to any other card value. Utilizing this information, it is much safer for you to always assume that the next card to be from the deck has a value of 10.

Keeping this in mind, you may realize that at any hand that you’re holding has a value over 12, you would stand a higher chance of losing or the professional terms of blackjack dealers terms as “BUST” (when you card value exceeds 21).  If the dealer’s initial card value is a 2 to 6 to which the next card is more likely to have a value of 10, this means he will have to draw again, likely causing him to bust because dealers only stop when both card values adds up to 17.

There is another way to make the odds more favorable to your side is by counting cards (If you have no idea what this is, you should really watch the movie “21”).

There’s a set of skills that you need to possess because counting cards require many pages and charts that MUST be memorized. Although this method is generally not ‘welcomed’ by the casino, you can practice and by investing in a professionally written guide is very helpful and there are many different authors that have different styles and different counting systems. It’s always best to get more than one opinion to find out which style works best.

Practicing and investing your time and money with online training software of learning the card counting game; it will eventually pay off at the casino.

There’s a training module for card counting available at the end of this article and I strongly suggest that you check it out if you’re serious in beating the odds of the casino by learning from these industry experts.

When you walk into the casino, you would have to choose the right table to play at. When you observe that the players at a table seem to be winning more often, it is a good time to join the game. Likewise, if you notice the dealer has accumulated a lot of chips and the players seem to be more on the losing side, take a walk on the floor continuing you search for the next table.

If the casinos allow it, reward the dealer by tipping when you are winning. Some casinos allow it and some don’t. If you are not sure if tipping is allowed, you should always check it out with the pit boss. If the dealer knows he will be tipped when the players wins, he may even begin rooting and actually do subtle things to increase the chance of players winning such as performing less thorough shuffles and penetrating deeper into the shoe before he re-shuffles thus allowing the player (which is YOU!) to get a more accurate count of the cards.

However, if the dealer starts losing too much money for the casino the pit boss will likely change dealers. Although it may be impossible to find the perfect game, one should be familiar with how certain house rules affect the player. Keep in mind that as a rule of thumb, the fewer decks the casino uses the more advantageous it is for the player.

Winners and losers are separated by a fine line of justice. When you gain the knowledge, you are more likely to win as well.

Learn from the best at Blackjack SECRETS (opens in a new window).

Beat that Slot Machine: The Golden Strategy To Jackpot!

19 Sep Winning at slot machine

Slot machines are probably the first game that people know when they started to learn what the word “casino” means. Everyone has their fair share of playing slots and seems to be drawn by the look and the feel of playing it by spinning the wheel. The extreme thrill of playing a slot machine keeps anyone coming back either they win or not.

Here are a few tips to make your trip to casino worthwhile and at the same time maximizes your returns in case the lady luck smiles on you and hit the jackpot!

  • Always get to know what machine you are playing.  You might think this sounds pretty simple but more people than you know that is completely ignorant on such simple detail that they were not able to play the exact amount of coins for the most favorable payment there is.
  • Walk around the floor and be sure to only put your money where the highest reimbursement there is. This is a gamble. The minute you pull the lever or hit the buttons on that slot machine, there are chances that the fates are on your side. If you don’t play, it’s impossible to win!
  • You’re finally sitting down on the most favorable reimbursement slot machine on the whole casino floor. You see there’s a 1 credit bet, 5 credit bet and even a 15 credit bet. So, what do you do? Remember to always play the maximum coins. As the normal casino rules, jackpot are ONLY paid on the maximum coins played. This way, not only do you get the chance of hitting the jackpot but also you get a high payback.
  • It never hurts to always check the payback percentage whether in your local casino or online casino. You’ll be delightfully surprised that some casinos are even offering as high as 90% or more.
  • Everyone would like to win some money so we can buy ourselves a good meal or spend our whole family to a wonderful vacation. However, keep in mind what is the stake that you’re going to risk or what is the fixed amount of cash are willing to gamble. It never harms to always plan ahead on how much you are going to spend. I’ve personally experienced that with the thrill of playing and hopes of hitting the jackpot, your money could be gone in seconds without you realizing it!
  • Slot games can be expensive or inexpensive, depending on your risk appetite. There are machines that doesn’t require high credit plays. These are the single pay line machines, go for that if you’re just starting. This way, you could still play and have the chance on hitting the jackpot but doesn’t risk of losing all your money in matter of minutes.
  • Assuming you have a decent size budget to play the slots, try to go for the two or three-coin slot machines. This way you could maximize the playing time of your money therefore increasing your chance of hitting the jackpot!
  • Avoid progressive slots online, if you have a small budget for playing the slots. The payouts are normally much lower than the regular slot machine does. Plus, they could max out your budget in a few playing minutes.

Playing the slot machine whether in your local casino or the online casino, this is a game of chance. Whether if you’ll be hitting the jackpot and will have your face in the hall of fame or just nothing. But if you win, take the money and leave, never be tempted into giving back the money to the machine.

Now if you’re planning to be different from the hundreds of millions of slot players out there, there is a system to win at slots and become a professional player and win each time you enter a casino.

You should to check it out at Slot Machines Mastery (opens in a new window)

eBooks – Gambling To Your Advantage

18 Sep

If you are a gambling fanatic, then they are for you. Most people search for the perfect gambling strategy to win money or what we call the ‘holy-grail’.   Gambling ebooks are dedicated to gambling fans in the internet to offer hope and strategy that they may lack of. They aim to give gamblers the secrets of gambling online as well as how to manage your funds well for an enjoyable and relaxing game.

Here is a gambling site worth checking out:

Vegas Made Easy (opens in a new window)

They offer information on different casino games, statistics, strategies and tips on how to win at all sorts of online gambling games makes best resources to make bank during your trip to Vegas.